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About us

It is established by Hazrat Maulana Sufi great Muslim Saint Azan Gachi SB (RA) Azangachi is a village in West Bengal. Our Spiritual guide was born in 1826. He is belonged to Farrukhshah Shahabuddin Ghauri of Kabul and before it He is belonged to the family of Hazrat Umar Farooqque (RA) 2nd calipha of Islam.

After completion of Madrasah & School Education He went out of India to the different countries Makka, Madina, Iran, Kabul etc. He spent his precious time 14 years here in suri forest at present Bagmari. Then he become fully beloved friend of Almighty God the created of whole universe supreme power and Master of the day of judgment (Qeyamat)

All mankind should worship Almighty God who sent to us one lac 24 thousands more or less messengers, prophets, Ambiya and Rasool . They came to show us right & easy path to get all kind of grace, happiness, prosperity.

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Our Vision

The fundamental aims and object of the Committee will be “FI SABILLAH” works for Haqqani Anjuman.

Organise ursekul Majlis

To organise ursekul Majlis monthly (here in after called Masik Majlis) and similarly yearly Majlis (here in called Salana Ursekul Majlis) at the 18 Bagmari Road Kolkata-700 054 or to any other place or places in West Bengal for which the committee think it fit for this purpose.


Our Aim is To provide education to the economically backward Community.
To help in amelioration of human distress without any discrimination based on sex or religion.

Zakat and Fitra

To distribute zakat and fitra among poor section of Muslim Community.
To donate to poor and helpless. To care for orphans, the sick, needy and destitute including minority and poorer section of society.

text Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny? { Quran: 55 13 }

Pillars Of Islam






Prayer Timings


Dawn Prayer 4:00 AM


Sunrise Time 5:30 AM


Noon Prayer 12:12 PM


Afternoon Prayer 3:53 PM


Sunset Prayer 6:53 PM


Evening Prayer 8:23 PM